T-shirts at the state of the art

dogma has been created to be outstanding.

The color of our tees has been inspired by
coal mines, abandoned factories, polluted skies and atomic test sites.

We developed an artisanal process through garment dye and special washes to get our “post atomic grey”, because the industrial production aim to flatten everything and it’s a feeling we won’t.

We love the hand made feeling, where each piece is unique. We did screenprints, trying all kind of inksbut we were fascinated from digital printing.

We started our research and as DIY supporters we began experimenting builds of a digital printer.
When we got it working , we realized that all those happy colors weren’t reflecting our dark inspirations.

So we said “Let’s make it dark as hell” so we customized the printer to do 4 deep blacks, we saw that darkness of 4 blacks was good and we called it “post atomic grey”.
And DOGMA began to take shape.

dogma t-shirts line launched in 2012

handmade in our Shanghai Studio

custom made dtg printer